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Thread Contributor: SinWebsite is live!
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TrialsCarry.us is live!

Be sure to make a thread in Introductions! We want to get to know our community. 
You can edit your profiles by going to the top left and clicking on your username, then UserCP. 

Prime and Supreme Ranks are live as well. If you want to learn more about these donation ranks, go to http://www.trialscarry.us/upgrade.php

Awards are live!
go to http://www.trialscarry.us/awards.php to see all the available awards!

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Staff enlisted: 
The staff are going to be the users you want to bring problems to, or requests to. The hierarchy doesn't have any real world meaning, just Sin's trust levels with these users.
If you have a problem with a current staff member PM an admin, or Sin.

 Admins:    iBLINK    Bashgamestv
 Super Moderators:    Scarxer    Waffly
Moderators: Flavor
Devs: Sin 

New to TrialsCarry? check the help docs or PM a staff member for help!
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12-22-2017, 01:08 AM
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